Your Mind and How To Use It | William Walker Atkinson

Your Mind and How To Use It – A Manual of Practical Psychology

I really love this book. It does a fantastic job of taking you on the journey of experience from sensation, to the brain, to perception, to mind to memory and back. His explanation does a great job of showing where physical phenomenon end and meta or non physical phenomenon begins. He uses an analogy of a telegraph machine, to help you visualize the flow of information to the brain, helping you imagine then carry the analogy of signals or data to the nonphysical side of things.



Conceptual Forms | Your Mind and How To Use It #1

“Mind, except in reference to its own activities, cannot be defined or conceived. It is known to itself only through its activities. Mind without mental states is a mere abstraction—a word without a corresponding mental image or concept. Sir William Hamilton expressed the matter as clearly as possible, when he said : “What we mean […]