Inner Order Activities

[Inner | Order] Activities

Through both the power of the Pen and the Sword, the pen representing journal activities, the sword representing meditation activities since the Zen Masters call meditation the sword which cuts through illusions.

1) Feed Your Heartmind Equally: 


If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, Pinterest, or just searching the broader internet, try dedicating a certain amount of your browsing time to things that stimulate your heart. Things that you’re passionate about, it could be sports, movie theories, pottery, poetry, music videos etc. Then dedicate roughly the same amount of time watching something that you are interested in. Something you are curious about. Something you want to know more about. Something you want to learn, a skill, a song or poem you want to memorize, a science that you’re curious about, a programming language you think would be interesting, or politics.

You will begin to notice that there is actually some overlap between these 2 categories. Be sure to make note of the patterns of these overlaps.  They represent intersections between your 2 spirits. (Your heartmind being split into the heart, right hemisphere, right Pillar of the tree of life, Jung’s feeling side of the matrix, moral intuitions, and the mind being the dualistic left hemisphere, left Pillar on the tree of life, Jung’s thinking side of the matrix, and moral reasoning)

Try taking a belief you have and search what the best arguments are in opposition to that belief. What a debate on the subject and really try to sympathize with the side across the isle. Challenge an idea that you’re passionate about. You will either grow beyond the idea or add mortar to the structure by understanding more deeply, why you hold the belief or idea in the first place. This is the Phoenix Process.

Once you’ve finished your predetermined time for each, browse freely or take time to sit and meditate (Sword) or journal (Pen) about how your soul has changed from before your browsing, to now.

This is how we recompile our Collection/Database.


2) Genders of the Mind:


The Kybalion discusses how the mind even has 2 aspects or dimensions which are nicely represented by masculine and feminine. The feminine being the I and the masculine the me.

The feminine mind is the side of the mind which gives birth to our thoughts, feelings and ideas, and the masculine mind is the side which wills these thoughts into manifestation in the physical world. “It projects its Will toward the Feminine Principle” by doing this the 2 give birth/manifestation in the natural world. The mother births the ideas and the father then aims at those ideas and together, because of this, we bring things into manifestation though a sexual act.


“And consequently it manifests the

Principle of Gender, in its Masculine and Feminine aspects, on

the Mental Plane, of course.

This idea may seem startling to some of you who hear it for

the first time, but you have all really passively accepted it in your

everyday conceptions. You speak of the Fatherhood of God,

and the Motherhood of Nature—of God, the Divine Father,

and Nature the Universal Mother—and have thus instinctively”


Take something you’ve recently learned and think up a way of how you can use that in some way to manifest something into reality. Maybe you watched a video on how to do paper mache, origami, maybe you learned something new about the amazon and want to write a song or poem about it.

At bare minimum meditate and journal about it. Use that feminine energy to generate an idea of how to apply something that came out of your internet browsing to something that you can do, create, teach, etc, and then use that masculine energy to target that idea which emerged and move it from potentiality to actuality.

These can then be uploaded to the MOTS Journal Activity.


3) Organizing Your Room:

Give it Structure:

If you spend a lot of time on your computer Go to your Documents folder, or some root folder on your computer or phone.

Within that directory, create 3 folders. One called Mental, one called Pleasure, one called Soul. Then within each of those create a folder named Journal. So each of those main folders will be your compartments for each. In the mental one you will focus on any journaling, creating, learning, courses, writing, that you find feeds or relates to your mind.

In pleasure, you might want this to store everything you create for fun, or games you enjoy playing, fictional ebooks or stories, videos, movies/shows etc.

In soul, create a folder for each of the remaining MOTS elements, create one for every relationship, friendship, or group membership you’re a part of. Create a journal document in each of those if you like. If you’ve spent some time in your day contributing to a relationship or friendship, maybe a text exchange, a phone call, sharing of a meme, and write or meditate about it. “Choose Your Weapon.”

If you run your own business I found it helpful to have a root folder for Business as well.

You can use these folders to hold activities that you’ll find here which are designed to exercise each element/aspect.

Look at the digital space as a place to empty out or mirror your soul. Build the structure to match the layers of you.

Check In:

Each day, go into the Journal folder of each of your root folders and check in on that aspect. Ask your mind how it’s doing, what it needs, find out if it’s starving, how long it’s been since you updated this folder.

Check in with pleasure to make sure that you’re giving yourself enough leisure time so that you can properly unwind, releasing stress and anxieties.

Check in with your soul to see if any of it’s aspects are in need of sustenance growth or exercise.

Try to keep notice of how often these root folders get updated. When you notice the updated date of one falling behind, you will know that element needs some attention. Try to make some time to address this.

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