Transcend Your Current Self

Whether you are looking to learn about your metaphysical self, or to just get to know yourself on a deeper level, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re atheist or spiritual/religious you will find value in having a better conceptual mapping of the metaphysical side of your being.

Set personal and or career related goals, and learn how to aim both your physical and nonphysical halves of your beingĀ  towards the same goal.


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Learn to identify with and see the world through the metaphysical self to bring more clarity to your day to day life. Learn to identify and categorize your conscious and subconscious values. Bringing more peace and harmony to your friendships, relationships and work place environments. By learning the M.O.T.S. diagram and how to apply it to you life, you’ll be on your way to further wholeness.


You’re future self is waiting.

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