Vision-Logic | A Brief History of Everything #1

Written by on May 30, 2021

“Vision logic or network-logic is a type of synthesizing and integrating awareness.
Formal operational awareness is synthesizing and integrating in many important
and impressive ways, but it still tends to possess a kind of dichotomizing logic, a
logic of either/or, rather like Aristotelian logic.

But vision -logic adds up the parts and sees networks of interactions. When
employed in a merely objectifying or Right-Hand fashion, it produces objective
systems theory in general. But when it is the basis of actual interior
transformation – which is not covered by systems theory! And which is very rare! –
then it supports and integrated personality.”

– A Brief History of Everything

What I see as a common problem for people who are transitioning into this 6th fulcrum, as Ken calls it, is that when they have the capacity to view all the logical pathways which could manifest, instead of not privileging any or recognizing that some or more likely than others, they wind up getting stuck or emotionally attached to the worst-case scenario outcome. Despite its probability being one of the lowest in the network of plausible outcomes.

Therapies like Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy are designed to help you confront these irrational beliefs. They are irrational because of their often low rate of probability. We hold onto this worst case scenario out of fear or anxiety, and we need to dispel this emotional attachment to this one path in the network, and we combated it with rationality.